Name: Nature: Generation:
Player: Demeanour: Haven:
Chronicle: Clan: Concept:
Strength: XOOOO Charisma: XOOOO Perception: XOOOO
Dexterity: XOOOO Manipulation: XOOOO Intelligence: XOOOO
Stamina: XOOOO Appearance: XOOOO Wits: XOOOO
Alertness: OOOOO Animal Ken: OOOOO Academics: OOOOO
Athletics: OOOOO Crafts: OOOOO Computer: OOOOO
Brawl: OOOOO Drive: OOOOO Finance: OOOOO
Dodge: OOOOO Etiquette: OOOOO Investigation: OOOOO
Empathy: OOOOO Firearms: OOOOO Law: OOOOO
Expression: OOOOO Melee: OOOOO Linguistics: OOOOO
Intimidation: OOOOO Performance: OOOOO Medicine: OOOOO
Leadership: OOOOO Security: OOOOO Occult: OOOOO
Streetwise: OOOOO Stealth: OOOOO Politics: OOOOO
Subterfuge: OOOOO Survival: OOOOO Science: OOOOO

Secondary Abilities:

Backgrounds: Disciplines: Virtues
Conscience: XOOOO or Conviction: OOOOO
Self-Control: XOOOO or Instinct: OOOOO
Courage: XOOOO

Merits: Flaws:

Other Stats
Humanity:OOOOOOOOOO Willpower:OOOOOOOOOO Blood Pool:
Miscellaneous details

Equipment and Possessions



XP Spent on:


Earned Traits:

How long have you been roleplaying VtM online?

How well do you know White Wolf's Vampire: the Masquerade?

Times, including what time zone you are referring too, that you are available for role playing.

Any questions you might have

Character Creation

Well, let's start at the top of the character sheet and work our way down.

Personality Archetypes
for Nature (who you really are) and Demeanor (who you appear to be to others).

Architect = You are unhappy unless you are creating something of lasting value.

Autocrat = You despise disorder, you like to take charge and organize things.

Autist= Your secrets are your own, Anyone who understands you can hurt you. let no-one in.

Avant-Garde= You must know about everything before anyone else, you don't like to hear things second hand, New discoveries are your life, you must keep up with things.

Barbarian= Only personal Str, Honor Bravery are important to you; Respect no-one but your equal or beter, the strong should rule the weak, you cannot stand weaklings or cowards. A title is nothing unless you earned it, an oath must always be honored to the death.

Bon-Vivant= Life is meaningless, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Bravo= You are something of a bully, you like to be feared.

Caregiver= Many need your love and protection and you need them to need you.

Cavalier= The quintisential knight of chivalry of old, fearless, valiant, bold, you must be the hero, the good guy.

Celebrant= You know a joy others can only imagine, you must indulge in it whenever you have the opertunity. It's what makes you happy.

Child= You never realy grew up and want someone to take care of you.

Competitor= Life is a contest and you must always be the winner, it's victory or nothing.

Confidant= You like to isten to others and give advice when you can,, peope interest you.

Conformist= A folllower at heart, you find it easy to adapt, adjust, and comply.

Conniver= There's always an easier way- which usually involves someone ellse doing your work.

Critic= Nothing is perfect so everything and everyone should be scrutinized, and fauts should be pointed out so they can be remedied.. Except yourself your not a perfectionist!

Curmudgeon= You're a real sourpuss and cynic of the ninth degree.

Defender= Not everyone can be a warrior. You can though, you defend those who deserve a fighting chance.

Deviant= You're just not like everyone else.

Director= You hate chaos and are forever taking charge to set things right.

Fanatic= You have a cause and it gives your life meaning.

Gallant= You are flamboyant as you are amoral. Life is nothing without style.

Honest-Abe= You don't like to steal or lie and won't if you can help it. honesty is the best policy. at least for you. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Inovator= Everything can be improved, and its up to you to find the ways to do it.

Jester= Always the clown, you can't take life or death seriously.

Jobsworth= Routine is all that matters.

Judge= You seek justice and reconcilliation.

Loner= You are forever alone, even in a crowd.

Manipuator= You love to manipulate everyone and then just sit back and watch the results. To your advantage most of the time.

Martyr= You need to be needed, and enjoy being morally superior.

Monster= You are the beast, you are the spawn of the devil and the temptor, you are the creature that walks the night. You try to bring others to hell with you.

Optimist= Everything turns out for the best! so keep your chin up. Don't worry be happy!

Pedagogue= You like to teach others what you've llearned. It may help them in the future!

Penitent= You are unworthy, at least in your own eyes, you must make up for what you are. you strive to someday atone for your crimes against humanity.

Perfectionist= You can't stand inperfection in others or yoursef, or others who do not seek to better themselves, you must do and be the best..

Plotter= Everything you do is planed. anything you do must be involved in the greater scheme. you try to plan everthing down to the smallest detail. so everthing fits.

Poltroon= Never meet anything head on. try to avoid everthing you can. take no responsibility if you can help it.

Praise-Seeker= You crave aprovall and praise and will go to any lengths to atain it.

Rebel= No need for a cause, you rebel out of habit and passion.

Rogue=You are all that matters, every man must fend for himself. your self-sufficient, never let another lead you, you must be dominant.

Survivor= You struggle to survive, no matter what the odds.

Sycophant= You are weak and unfit for survival you need to be protected by someone strong, and will do whatever it takes to appease them and make them want to protect you.

Thrill-Seeker= You ive for danger, and the adreniline rush.and ready yourself for any situation.

Traditionalist= You prefer the orthodox and conservative ways.

Tyrant= No one can do anything right exept you. lakeys always mess something up so you got to do it yourself. most of the time. only you can make sure its done the way you wan't.

Visionary= Wisdom is your quest, insight your key.


All attributes (Physical - Strength, Dexterity, Stamina; Social - Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance; Mental - Perception, Intelligence, Wits) start out with one dot ( X ) each.
Primary: 7 dots
Secondary: 5 dots
Tertiary: 3 dots.

This means that if mental is your primary attribute, you have 7 dots to spend on the mental attributes. So, you could put 3 dots in perception, 2 dots in intelligence, and 2 dots in wits, or something like that. Doing that would give a 4 perception (because you start out with 1 dot in each attribute) 3 intelligence, and 3 wits.

So, if your secondary was social, you would have 5 dots to spend. So, if you spent 2 in charisma, 2 in manipulation, and 1 in appearance, you would have a 3 charisma, 3 manipulation, and a 2 appearance.

Tertiary, like say, the only one left, physical, you would have 3 dots to spend, being your least strong area of attributes. So, you could put 1 dot in strength, dexterity, and stamina, giving you a rating of 2 in each one.


Primary: 13
Secondary: 9
Tertiary: 5

This works the same way, except that you do not start out with one dot in each thing. So, if Talents were your primary ability, you would have 13 dots to spread out amongst the selection of talents. The categories are as follows:

Talents - Alertness, Athletics, Brawl, Dodge, Empathy, Expression, Intimidation, Leadership, Streetwise, Subterfuge.

Skills - Animal Ken, Crafts, Drive, Etiquette, Firearms, Melee, Performance, Security, Stealth, Survival.

Knowledges - Academics, Computer, Finance, Investigation, Law, Linguistics, Medicine, Occult, Politics, Science.

Along with many other Secondaries (more specialized abilities) that will be listed at a later date.


You have 3 dots to spend on disciplines.

Example: For a Brujah, the Disciplines are Celerity (quickness), Potence (strength), and Presence (Heightened appeal to others, leadership). You could spend a dot in each discipline, or put 2 in Celerity, and one in Potence, or 3 in Presence. What ever combination that adds up to 3.

Your clan determines what disciplines you have. Here are the clans and their disciplines:

Brujah: Celerity (quickness), Potence (strength), and Presence (Manipulating others view of you)

Gangrel: Animalism (Control of Animals and the Beast Within), Protean (physical animalistic adeptations), and Fortitude (resistance to attacks, fire, and sunlight, to a degree)

Malkavian: Dominate (Control of others Will), Obfuscate (Hiding from others), Auspex (Sight beyond Sight).

Nosferatu: Potence (strength), Obfuscate (Hiding from Others), Animalism (control over animals and the beast within)

Toreador: Celerity (quickness), Auspex (Sight beyond Sight), Presence (Manipulating others view of you)

Tremere: Dominate (Control of others Will), Thaumaturgy (blood magic), Auspex (Sight beyond Sight)

Ventrue: Dominate (control), Presence (Manipulating others view of you), Fortitude (stamina)


You have 5 dots to spend on backgrounds.

The backgrounds are:

Generation: each dot spent lowers your generation. You start at 13 before you spend any dots.

Resources: wealth 3+ MST approval

ame 3+ MST approval

tatus - 3+ MST approval

entor: Each dot increases the strenght of a person who looks after you. Consult MST

erd: Each dot increases the number of humans you can drink from without fear. Kind of like, they are used to you. My character uses street people, for example.

etainers: People you can call on for services.

llies: Humans who will help you. They are usually well placed in society.

Remember, Backgrounds need to have a written history to accompany and explain them. The higher the levels, the more we expect to see a character fleshed out in her history to explain how she acquired these things and maintains them.


You have 7 dots to spend on virtues.

You start out with one dot in each of the following, and may dole out the 7 in any way you wish.

Conscience, self-control, and courage.

Humanity equals Conscience + Self-control.
Willpower is equal to your courage rating.

*If your character chooses a path, it is not Self-Control/Conscience. Each path dictates whether it is Self-Control OR Instinct and Conscience OR Conviction. If you don't have them right, or dont plan to play them, dont take them. Stick with humanity. Remember, characters not on humanity look IMMENSELY dead. Worse than the most Goth type person you've ever seen. Marilyn Manson looks like a beauty

Merits and Flaws (on the tab that says "Back" for those using the Excel sheet)

Merits & Flaws

Each human being is different, and as people are diverse, so are vampires. One way that we can use to bring a character to life in role playing is to give her those little quirks and talents that make up an individual.

Merits and Flaws are exactly what they say they are. You may use any free points you have left over from you character sheet to add a merit, depending on how many you require for the merit. You may generate free points by adding flaws. For reasons of fairness you may have no more than 7 points of Merits, and 7 points of Flaws at Character Creation.