Welcome to Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada

In the beginning, there was nothing.  Though the Phoenix may rise from the ash, this is where the seedlings first plant their roots.

This is the place that holds the keys to the characters that start in Vegas.  Some enter with experience from other areas, but this is where the babies learn to crawl.  

The prefered file is the plain Text file run out of notepad.  If you have MS Excel, these would be the files in which to print and make an easily viewed sheet to pencil it out on.

The best way to use these files is to right click, "Save Target As", then place the file anywhere on your system that you'd like. The Excel sheet isn't so much a problem as the text files are. They don't show up right if you click them like you would a webpage link. Even if you do, simply copy and paste them into an email and you're set to go.

Remember, email character sheets to Dawn at darknessst@gmail.com. You must make arrangements to do a roll for generation. Or you could always start out with a "Mortal" and see if you get embraced and skip the gen lotto all together!

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