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Here is where our headliners show all of their talents.  These are just a few of the hotspots.  Some last through the fads, others fade in and out with the trends.  Others will be here when our headliners are gone.

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A mirror into the lives of those that call Las Vegas their home.  Romance, Seduction, Manipulation, Intrigue, Back Stabbing, Cohorting.  You name the vice, you will find your fix.

The Dark Phoenix Club [ WW Dark Phoenix DiV ]

A two story club across from the Dreamers Casino. The building itself looked to be made of glass. Etched into the glass in random places was the club name, and the Lockley Crest. The sign on the roof read Dark Phoenix.
The doors were deep black wood with the Lockley crest on them. The crest is a dark red dragon with a rose in one talon and a dagger in the other. When you open the doors you walk down a small hallway then you enter the main room, it is bathed in candlelight. The walls are covered in dark silk material, you couldnít tell exactly if they were a deep burgundy or a black until you get closer, then you realize itís a strange combination of both colors.
Booths surrounded the outer edges on the left and right sides of the club. In the center of the room lies the dance floor. It is made of dark wood as well. To the back was a huge bar running the entire back wall of the club. Stools line the front of the wood bar. Again the Lockley Crest was emblazed into the wood. It was offset to the right though on the bar, to the left was a huge white tiger. Four bartenders were on the job at all times behind the bar.
The DJ booth was on the second floor unseen basically. There were phones on all the tables so that you could pick up and request a song from the DJ or you could order a drink from the bar if you wished. Four waitressís were on the floor to take orders as well as deliver drinks to the tables. There was a balcony surrounding the entire second floor. It had tables and booths as well. More intimate up there though. It was eventually to be the VIP area for the kindred.
The Dreamers Casino [ DiVDreamersCasinoWW ]
Personal Domain of the Prince, Bridget Lockley.  A beautiful sight, but the grounds are not the only things to be gazed upon. Full description can be found Here

The Lockley Estate { Lockley Estate }

Personal Domain of the Prince as well, though this is her private retreat.  Not many know how to get there and those that do, know not to come unless invited.  If not invited, a rather ugly reception will ensue.  It is rumored that the security is the best in the world after a recent incident of home invasion, and even the animals of the desert avoid this space.

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